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. tamerlan tsavraev, married with a child, 26. dzhokhar, six years longer, enrolled at umass boston. >> i would see him with his headphones on being going to class. >> the younger man chose to hide in plain sight after the bombings. two of his friends, who talked to nbc's jeff rossen said they met him at the gym the next day and they chatted about the only thing on everyone's mind. >> i talked to him that it was crazy we had a bombing in boston. >> you said that? talked about the bombing? >> yeah. i said it's a tragedy. he said it's a sad thing. >> he said it's sad. >> he looked me in the eyes. >> i noticed he was looking over his shoulder. >> his car mechanic also saw him the day after the bombings. and that encounter seemed to indicate a jittery 19-year-old. >> just told him the car wasn't done. and he told me i need to pick up the car right now. >> still, the brothers might have remained under the radar if not for pivotal decision by the investigators. >> we are releasing suspephotos the two suspects, suspect one and suspect two. >> five hours after the images flashed around the world,
, dzhokhar tsavraev in the hospital. what investigators are learning? we'll hear from jake tapper about what he has been telling law enforcement. we continue, right after the break. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm john berman live in boston. the surviving suspect in the marathon bombing, key details in the attack. what dzhokhar tsavraev is telling investigators in a live report. >>> we're learning more about tamerlan tsavraev. how he became radicalized and his influence with his younger brother. and exclusive interview with a woman who stood five feet from the blast and survived. >> a lot of debris falling, and i told adam, oh, my gosh, i'm alive. >>> terror plot foiled. two men who wanted to carry out an attack on a passenger train between canada and the u.s. a special edition of "starting point" begins right now. welcome back to boston, everyone. just a block away, standing right now from the finish line of the boston marathon. where the attacks happened. more than one week ago. the suspect, 19-year-old so dzhokhar tsavraev is community with investigators. he is claiming and he his big bro
.s. marshals whisk accused bomber dzhokhar tsavraev out of the hospital to his new home at a federal prison. "newsroom" begins right now. >>> good morning. welcome to a special edition of "newsroom" live from boston. right in front makeshift memorial here at copley square. i'm jake tapper. >> i'm brooke baldwin. so great to be live in the midst of boylston street. a busy morning of developments. let's begin with the latest in the investigation here this morning. have you this younger suspect, dzhokhar tsavraev. he is now in a new hospital bed. overnight, moreovved overnight ft. devens, a massachusetts prison that holds detainees that need medical care. 40 miles west of where we are. meantime, how about this? his father is going nowhere. tsavraev has apparently abandoned his plan to come to the united states and help in the investigation. his wife canceled an ambulance for him last night and now says his trip is delayed indefinitely. piecing together the final minutes of sean collier's life. m.i.t. is asking for any information on last week's killing of the school police officer believed to
system of justice. >> authorities charge the surviving suspect. >> dzhokhar tsavraev says he and his brother were religious views and had no terrorism. >> for plot thwarted by bliss in canada. >> two men in a terrorist plot backed by al qaeda. >> the attack was not imminent but the threat real. >>> overflowing rivers in the midwest have flooded streets and homes. >> this could be spectacular. time to take the school boat to school. >> a nasty spring storm will dump half a foot of snow from colorado to michigan. >> heartbreaking to look at it. >> the faa is starting its furlough program, forced days off. >> delays at some of the nation's busiest airport. >> the government needs to get their act together. >> tsa, putting a temporary hold on the controversial policy change that would have allowed small >> a proposal to make it illegal to buy tobacco unless you are 21. >> and at the location where he dropped -- >> innocent men, women, and children. you get paid for it. >> which is your strongest -- >> honestly i don't know. >> is there someone we could call. >> freedom
, the younger brother, dzhokhar tsavraev is telling investigators, not sure if we should believe him or not, that the brothers became self-radical ice e self-radicalized here in the united states by watching online videos. does that seem reasonable to you? >> yes, largely. seemed to be what happened to major hasan who killed 13 fellow soldiers in ft. hood a couple of years ago. it seemed to be what happened to the underwear bomber, who was only caught by alert passengers and crew on an aircraft after his father went to the state department and said my son is extremely radical, watch him. we don't look very good in terms of one part of the u.s. government talking to another. the people who looked the best in the last few days is the mounties in canada. they kept track of these two guys for two years, and were able to arrest them before they blew up a train between toronto and new york. >> if it's as simple as being radicalized by watching online videos, how do you police that? stop from thaw from taking place in another city in another few months? >> well, i think one has to -- as much as th
bomber, dzhokhar tsavraev, including the lack of state murder charges, ashleigh banfield joins us now. you spoke with the sussex county district attorney. what did he tell you about pending charges? >> reporter: well, he certainly told me that while many were wondering there would be a state prosecution alongside the federal prosecution, we know that some of the charges outlines against the man who is recovering behind me in this hospital, there will not be a state-level prosecution with regard to bombings, that doesn't necessarily apply to the m.i.t. officer, sean collier, who is remembered today by colleagues, that's another county over the river. middlesex county prosecutors may, in fact, go after crimes again dzhokhar tsavraev in their own right there is a murder there, and there is a number of crimes to prosecut s prosecute potentially. according to the d.a. here in this county, they are considering that. but at this point, this county won't go after the three murders that happened here and the explosive devices, but the feds are well equipped to handle that. here is what the d.a
to tell you about. the u.s. marshals service confirms that dzhokhar tsavraev has been moved from beth israel deac deaconess medical center and is being held in devft. devens, massachusetts. a former military base, a prison on a form every military base. male offenders who require specialized medical or mental health care. and tsavraev's parents have left dagestan and her husband's planned visit to the united states has been delayed indefinitely because of health concerns. all of this on the heels of new information that the brothers were planning what could have been another attack this one in new york city's times square. reportedly had plans to drive there on april 19th, the night they wound up in a shoot-out with police. we want to bring in miguel marquez with details on the movement of the prisoners from boston overnight, really broke in the middle of the night. >> very much in the middle of the night. around 1:00 in the morning, police at beth israel deaconess moved all media away from the area we were staged in. between 1:00 and 3:00. police moved in. we clearly knew something w
and dzhokhar tsavraev. how did they isolate them? chilling details from the fbi affidavit. 2:38 p.m. the day of the marathon, a security camera picks up the two suspects turning east on boylston from gloucester street. both carrying knapsacks. bomber one a few steps of bomber two. he made the mistake of wearing the baseball cap backward and no sunglasses, making him easily identifiable. additional security shows the two men standing together at 2:41 p.m. at 2:42, the same camera shows the older brother heading toward the finish line. younger one stops, right in front of the restaurant. stay there several minutes. only when the first bomb explodes at 2:49 does he begin to walk away, leaving his knapsack on the ground, ten seconds later, it explodes. marathon veteran bob leonard relear took hundreds of photos. he looked to see if his time stamp picked them up too. he up loaded photos of the men's faces to the fbi. even with strong leads, no sign of the suspects. it was as if they had vanished after the bombing. had they left town or make the mistake of laying low until they could escape safely
's cause of death has been determined, but no one has claimed his body. dzhokhar tsavraev, another lawyer added to his defense team. death penalty expert judy clarke. we want to get straight to pamela brown, live in devens, please, where dzhokhar tsavraev is being held. you have more on this rapidly expanding investigation. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of new developments. authorities trying to figure out who that female dna found on the bomb belongs to. and they are trying to figure out whether katherine russell may have played a role in any way in the attack. they went interher home yesterday afternoon and did not walk out empty handed. fbi agents searched this home, belonging to the family of katherine russell, the widow of boston bombing suspect, tamerlan tsavraev, whom she married three years ago. experts carried out two equipment cases and two plastic bags marked dna samples. the fbi took the samples to see if they matched up with female dna, found on the pressure cooker devices. russell, who denied any involvement, has been staying in this north kingstown, rhode island home, ever since
. >> tamerlan tsavraev, he is d dead. younger brother, 19 years old. dzhokhar tsavraev is he at large. we started out with a warning in watertown to stay in their homes, that expanded to other areas, including waltham, cambridge, and the entire city of boston. people being told stay in your homes. >> one of the things remarkable. we got off the phone who is a high school classmate of dzhokhar. he went to cambridge latin. a good public school in the area. >> a normal kid. knew nothing about this. didn't know dzhokhar had an older brother. seven years older than him. he didn't even know he had an older brother and he was convinced his friend, dzhokhar, now a fugitive. wanted for his part in the murder of three individuals. two during the boston terrorist attack and an m.i.t. officer last night. nice, normal kid and eric is convinced somebody led him into this life of terrorism. >> dzhokhar comes from chechnya. emigrated to boston. been here at least a few years. a door-to-door search in watertown as police like for dzhokhar this began with the fatal shooting of an m.i.t. campus officer. 10:
on his radio. and you are looking at now, are pictures of dzhokhar tsavraev. that was when he went to the convenience store. it's interesting this entire manhunt was launched because of these actions of these two men, not particularly in terms of them building a bomb, but because they seemed to have out of nowhere, ambushed this police officer and that set everything in motion that led to the shoot-out, the capture, the carjacking as well. what you see there, is following the carjacking, he went into a bank and he was removing money, it appears, according to a source, he removed $800. not clear whether that was money from his account, his brother's account or from the carjacker's account. so all of that right now is under investigation. we have a lot more details that will be coming up throughout the day, wolf, and we'll keep you posted. wolf. >> all right, deb. thank you very much. a massachusetts gas station manager is now speaking out after he was caught in the middle of thursday's carjacking. allegedly by the boston bombing suspects, listen to this. >> after maybe 30 seconds, i
. that somehow relatives of tamerlan and dzhokhar tsavraev, says that this fellow misha helped to radicalize them. is this name coming up? >> it certainly is on cnn. a lot of times the media gets out ahead of these things. you don't want investigative agencies out there blurting this thing until they fully investigated it. news to me, but, you know, perhaps very good reporting by cnn and others. >> we appreciate that. thank you, congressman. what can you tell us what are you learning about where these men may or may not have been radicalized. working theory that they were self-radicalized by watching videos in the u.s.? >> i think it stretches the imagination to suggest that these -- particularly the younger one went to high school and watched videos and came to the point where they placed these bombs that killed people, maimed hundreds. that stretches the imagination. i -- i tend to think that there may be bigger issue behind this. certainly being explored by the authorities, and what bothers me, so swiftly, authorities said there is no other connection i have to think that our starting point sh
a willingness to kill and maim. this is a picture from the brand new fbi bulletin. the man's name is dzhokhar tsavraev. his family came from chechnya, and he and his brother carried out the marathon bombings. the older brother, as you mentioned in the beginning, tamerlan, his picture on the icio gun fight overnight with police in massachusetts. what really has authorities troubled, they have locked down the 20 square block area or so in watertown that we have been discussing and we think they have pinched in on the man in the white baseball cap, but they can't be sure. what has them most concerned is that these two brothers have shown quite a bit of skill, and evidence of training. one senior law enforcement official told us a short time ago, these guys were almost textbook perfect in terms of operational planning and security. they stayed off the radar, but beyond that, they have shown a high level of sophisticatifi sod skill in terms of evading police, and when they were confronted with a police shoot-out, incredibly, one of them escaped that cordon. he made the point that there were more p
're hearing from david henneberry, who owned the boat where dzhokhar tsavraev was found. >> reporter: what were you thinking? >> oh, my god. >> days of torrential rain and flooding. >> in illinois alone, 44 counties declared disaster areas. >> the associated press twitter account, hacked in a false tweet. saying there was an attack on the white house. the syrian electronic army is claiming responsibility. >> the tweet sending the dow plunging 145 points in two minutes. the index rebounded quickly. >> the elvis impersonator has left the building. part-time musician accused of sending taint the letters to the white house and a senator. >> ricin or whatever. i thought they said rice. i said i don't even eat rice. >>> new legal troubles for lance armstrong. >> the federal government is suing him, claiming he defaulted the government of. >>> and they are looking for driver that was the perpetrator of violent rode rage. >> just in time to save a man from being hit by a train. >>> all that matters, more flights delayed. >> oh, yes, the sequester chickens have come home to roost, or they would hav
. armed with more explosives dzhokhar and tamerlan tsavraev wanted to unleash another round of terror in the heart of times square. dzhokhar told investigators that it was a spur of the moment decision. >> discussed this while driving around in the mercedes suv that they had hijacked after they shot and killed an m.i.t. police officer in cambridge. >> reporter: the plan fell apart soon after the two were forgsced to stop for gas. in a new interview, the carjacking victim relived the 90 minutes he spent with the mother and the moment he strategically broke free. >> i did it very fast using my left hand and right hand simultaneously to open the door unfasten my seat belt jump out and go. he told police the car could be tracked by his iphone and by a mercedes satellite system. it triggered one of the biggest man hunts boston had ever seen. leading police to the suspects. thursday investigators again sifted through a landfill looking for more evidence linking the brothers to the crime. had the men made it to new york mayor michael bloomberg said he in enough explosives t
now dead. this is dzhokhar, 19-year-old dzokhar tsavraev. if you see this individual, notify individuals as soon as possible. early this morning, we were told a lockdown in waterdown, eight miles outside of boston, that was soon expanded to some of the surrounding areas, waltham, cambridge, other places outside. >> okay. >> i'm sorry, chris. >> two things, first of all, the reason we're not showing live picture of the pursuit, we've been asked by authorities not to. not to give tactical locations, because the suspect or someone helping him could see it. second, we want to go to eric matado, eric, do i have you? eric, can you hear me? all right. we're trying to get a man named eric matado on the phone. he is a friend of the suspect. >> we interviewed him earlier today. >> he is back on the phone yet? okay. >> yes. >> all right. eric, can you hear me? >> yes, i can. >> okay, obviously the big question, whether or not your friend is who authorities believe him to be. anything about him? i know a lot of this you have answered already. to bring current viewers up to date, anything
plotnikov and tsavraev knew each other. dzhokhar remains in a federal medical center lockup. he has not answered any questions since being read rights a week ago. the defense team has added a veteran death pent opponent, attorney judy clarke. she has represented several high-profile defendants in the past, including ted kaczynski and jared loughner. it would be no surprise at all if tsavraev seeks some kind of cooperation deal to avoid the death penalty. charlie, norah. >> bob orr, thank you. with us, john miller, former assistant fbi director. >> good morning. >> the fbi spent several hours at the home of tamerlan's widow yesterday taking dna evidence. do they think she was involved? >> they don't know. but they have female dna on a bomb and a bomb that came from parts of it probably came from the apartment where they lived and this becomes a critical moment, because if that's her dna, their relationship with her may change and then the question what do you do with that? she's already represented by a lawyer, but it certainly become as a circumstantial evidence piece that says she
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)